Phenomenal Touch Training

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Would you like to learn the hands-on modality that Jonathan Grassi uses? It’s called Phenomenal Touch Massage, and Jonathan is a Master Practitioner and Instructor.

Phenomenal Touch is an incredibly fluid style with dynamic moves and a three-dimensional approach that involves working both sides of the body at once.  It is compassionate, exceptional, and deeply honoring. Though it shares some qualities with Watsu, Trager, Thai and Esalen massage, Phenomenal Touch is a distinct experience.  Once your clients experience it, they will want to receive this beautiful modality again and again.

When you learn to give Phenomenal Touch massage, you’ll learn key principles such as presence, reverence, and ‘be the wave,’ creating an experience beyond standard massage, turning massage into art. And your clients will learn the depth that it possible to receive during a massage session.

Elevate your practice. Excite your clients. Enhance your life. Learn Phenomenal Touch Massage from Master Instructor Jonathan Grassi.