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Therapeutic Bodywork to Support Body, Mind and Spirit

Each session is as unique as you are and makes use of our vast tools based on your needs on that day.  As is now commonly understood, the work is non-sexual therapeutic massage and is offered as an addition to traditional medical and psycho-emotional therapies.  We do not diagnose illness or prescribe medical treatment, and we always recommend that our clients continue to seek the input and support of other healthcare professionals.  For session-specific information please see Your Session.  


Pain Relief Massage 

Each session is a work of art. Our advanced training in each of the techniques below ensures that your session will deliver the right experience for your needs.  The comprehensive training we bring to the table—four times the national average– enables our amazing clients to transform pain into healing, find deep relaxation, and experience somatic awareness time and again as a result of our work together.   


Freedom from pain feels so good!  Let our highly trained staff help you.


Trigger Point / Neuromuscular Therapy

This is the primary modality we use to achieve pain relief, restore  motion, and meet other clinical needs.  The technique utilizes neurological de-facilitation to reduce the severity of pain syndromes created by restrictions and knotted tensions within the muscle.

Conditions that may be helped by this work include migraines, back pain, frozen shoulder, (false) sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome, shin splints, and whiplash to name a few.  Pain relieving results are often achieved with proper office treatment and home self-care.


Connective Tissue Therapy

This very slow, deep modality works with the natural process of thixotropy—the process by which the hard gel-like connective tissue, or fascia, within the body slowly softens/liquefies.  This connective tissue surrounds every muscle, organ, and tissue in the body, and as such, restrictions in this stabilizing and supporting network of tissue can cause pain, postural deviation, muscle dysfunction, and limitation of mobility.

Softening the fascia from its hardened state can release adhesions between fascial planes and muscle sheaths, support the beneficial exchange of oxygen and nutrients, and create the opportunity for fascial reorganization into greater equilibrium within the field of gravity.


Orthopedic Massage

Our practice offers Orthopedic Massage —a medical treatment that focuses on soft-tissue injuries and complicated pain issues common among the general population. This modality uses specifically targeted neuromuscular techniques like trigger point therapy and deep frictioning combined with deep tissue sculpting, hot and cold therapies and careful stretching techniques to restore proper function, eliminate pain and speed the body’s natural healing process.


Herbal Liniments

Through dedicated collaboration with a local herbalist, Jonathan has channeled thousands of hours of clinical experience into creating 12 medicinal oil blends that he has custom-crafted to help you get even more results. These potent bodywork facilitating medicines are built for you to get the highest results available anywhere, are available to you at no cost, and will enhance your session in many ways, including:

  • Getting deep tissue work done with less pain and less soreness
  • Breaking down scar tissue
  • Reducing joint inflammation
  • Turning-on ligament repair
  • Restoring damaged nerves
  • Inhibiting muscle spasms
  • Balancing and tonifying the nervous system
  • Clearing trauma

We also utilize liniments from Chinese medicine to support tissue health and recovery, particularly during deep clinical work.  Dit a Jow, Chinese Muscle Oil, Posumon, White Flower, and Arnica gel all help to get deep work done with fast healing and lasting results.  Deep trigger point work is often “packed,” meaning Dit a Jow is used prior to the work and Chinese Muscle Oil after the work.  In this way, lymphatic flow, blood flow, and tissue repair are increased, while preventing excessive inflammation.  These liniments are for sale and are extremely restorative.


Neuro-fascial Rehabilitation

Neuro-fascial rehabilitation therapy is helpful for those in acute and chronic pain in any area of the body. This technique works to clear adhesions in the connective tissue so as to increase mobility, reduce a sense of pain, and increase circulation in the affected area. After treatment, clients often see an increase in the range of motion, a reduction of stiffness, and vitality returning to areas that have long been contracted and suffering. This specialty can support a wide range of clients including those with desk jobs, restricted movement, or persistent pain as well as those looking to support their active lifestyle.

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