The Concepts of Bodywork for Liberation


Imagine your body moving freely… free of pain, of wounded limit, of suppression, or internal confusion.  Imagine your body resourced, growing through challenge, yielding, resting, and rejuvenating.  Imagine your body with integrated systems, nerves and blood, organs and bone, senses and muscle.  Imagine all of it together, supporting you. You full, here, embodied, unique and incredible, living your moment.  Living in a body capable of releasing tension, freeing emotion, and awakening to the energy within.  Imagine you, inhabited, fierce and kind, experiencing whole body wisdom, experiencing whole body consciousnessYou in every, every cell, loving this life.


This is the goal of bodywork for liberation.  Together, we support your being you, here, lit up, and divine.  This is done like massage, with draping, standard therapy boundaries, and with lotion, but the shift is that we make the work about ‘how do we create freedom in your body?’   


Your body is sacred.

Truly, it’s the dance and flow of consciousness through your body that we desire to support.  We meet the un-comfortableness, the pain, the emotion, the trauma, anything that has encouraged you to move away from your body.  We meet parts of you that you may be afraid to know.  Through touch, we reflect your sense of self.  You get the chance to recognize who you are.  You get the chance to bring breath into your cells and regain the resiliency of your body systems.  You get fascia free of adhesions, hands that grip and work, blood that flows through relaxed muscle, oxygen that reaches your ligaments and joints.  You get a body with a capacity to meet life’s challenges.  And you get to enjoy being in you.


Even though we are the practitioners and you are the client, the results are achieved in the relational quality of our work—your meeting us from the inside as we create conditions that resource your own capacity for cellular freedom.  The only requirement here is the courage to know yourself, to desire to receive your tissues and inhabit them.  This is our work.  This is Bodywork for Liberation.


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