Massage Therapist Tiers


All massage is NOT equal. There is so much more to massage than what many people think. 

Here at Bodywork for Liberation (BFL) we only select the best of the best applicants, only 5% percent of therapists who apply to our clinic actually pass the interview process to uphold the standard of care and mission that we hold for each client that walks through our door. Every BFL team member has advanced training beyond the basic training they received at massage school. So even our Tier I therapists are exceptional and every therapist at BFL offers next level services.


Why do we have Therapist Tiers and associated pricing?

We encourage our therapists to continue advancing in their career as it is great for both the therapist and the clients. However, as with any profession, those advancements require time and money investments, similar to advanced degrees or certificates in the corporate world. 

Therapist tiers are based on years of experience, level and hours of training, hours completed in their massage practice, and level of advanced or specialized training. As in any career the longer a therapist has been in the massage and bodywork field, the more specialization they possess to handle more complex scenarios. However, not everyone needs or wants these specializations. And of course more advanced specializations typically mean there are less people in the industry that meet these same criteria. We are so honored to be surrounded by therapists dedicated to their practice and continually advancing their knowledge and the techniques and modalities they can provide our clients.


What Therapist Level is Right for You? 

We’ve put together a table explaining the therapist tiers to help you determine what tier might be best for you depending on your own physical scenario.


Years of ExperienceHours of TrainingHours of PracticeLevel of specialization/advanced training
Tier I2 to 4 years600+1500+Amazing generalists —tend to be slightly more relaxation oriented
Tier II4 to 6 years900+3000+Amazing generalists who can go deeper with specific needs — tend to have expanded clinical skills
Tier III7 to 15 years1200+5000+More specialized in their treatment style — offer next level massage in their area of focus
Tier IV15+ years1500+10000+Highly specialized and highly versatile — can meet multiple advanced need sets



The more specific your massage needs are the more you may want to consider trying a therapist at a higher tier level. They may have just the right training to meet you and your body. If you have a specific bodywork or chronic pain need, discuss that with our team so they match you with the therapist specialized in that area. For example, our Tier III above therapist specializations include 

  • Neurofascial Rehabilitation
  • Structural Integration
  • Phenomenal Touch
  • Body Treatments

By charging more for higher Tier therapists, we are able to offer greater compensation to those therapists for their expertise and dedication to their craft. This is how we support therapists who want to invest in their skills through expensive advanced trainings and is also how we support our massage therapists in building a career in this profession that can sustain them throughout their lives.

Inspired by the world class quality our founder, Jonathan Grassi, saw at the World Championship in Massage, BFL higher Tier therapists are our champion therapists.  

If you’re looking for world class, look to our higher Tiers.


You may enjoy working with our higher Tier massage and bodywork therapists if

  • You have a fairly specific need you are looking to have addressed
  • You have a complex or chronic pain pattern
  • You have received a great deal of massage and desire an elevated approach and quality 
  • You want to experience next level massage care 
  • You want to expand your understanding of what massage can be
  • You may have left past massages feeling unsatisfied
  • You want to tap into massage therapy as a comprehensive form of healthcare
  • You want faster results that last longer
  • You want to support the incredibly dedicated massage therapists on our team


Here are some additional benefits of higher Tier therapists that we’ve seen: 

  • Tend to have worked in several different clinics by this time in their career, so they have greater versatility with a wider range of clients.
  • Can get to the root of your problem area faster, saving you money through targeted treatment — you pay a little more per session but fewer sessions may be needed to address your issue.
  • Overall have greater finesse, quality of touch, and knowledge of the body. Their hands have been on more clients.


If you are still not sure what therapist Tier is right for you, contact our front desk to discuss your massage and bodywork goals and let them help you determine the best therapist for your healthcare journey.