Jonathan Grassi, LMT, CPTMI

Jonathan Grassi, LMT, CPTMI
Board Certified Massage Therapist
Phenomenal Touch Master Instructor

Jonathan Grassi, world champion massage therapist and founder of Bodywork for Liberation, is dedicated to promoting somatic bodywork and advancing the field of massage therapy as a pillar of the healthcare system. Featured in national and local print and broadcast media, Jonathan brings vast training, expertise and passion to his work. 

Jonathan is the subject of the documentary Touched: A Massage Story.  The film unfolds the art of human connection through massage, and reveals Jonathan’s journey to the World Championship in Massage. It offers insight into the massage profession and showcases massage throughout the world and the importance of touch in all cultures.

As a bodyworker, teacher and speaker, Jonathan guides individuals on a journey of transformation, supporting them in embodiment. Whether he’s helping massage clients to access their inner wisdom or sharing his modality with massage therapy students to help them expand their gifts, Jonathan understands the wonders of the body and its potential to lead people to inner peace and clarity. 

Jonathan’s approach to somatic bodywork is gleaned from over 2,700 hours of body-centered training.  He is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage and completed advanced neuromuscular training at the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado.  His education at the Colorado School for Somatic Studies, along with his work at the Institute for Phenomenal Touch, where he received the Master Instructor designation, contributes to his standing as a nationally-recognized somatic bodywork leader. His degree in psychology, with honors, from the Metropolitan State University, reflects his commitment to unwinding the body’s traumas through somatic bodywork.

In 2018 Jonathan won the bronze medal in the Freestyle category at the World Championship in Massage in Copenhagen. He lives in the foothills of Colorado with his family and dogs. You can find out more about his work at Bodywork for Liberation.