For Deep Somatic Awareness


Therapeutic Bodywork to Support Body, Mind and Spirit

Each session is as unique as you are and makes use of our vast tools based on your needs on that day.  As is now commonly understood, the work is non-sexual therapeutic massage and is offered as an addition to traditional medical and psycho-emotional therapies.  We do not diagnose illness or prescribe medical treatment, and we always recommend that our clients continue to seek the input and support of other health care professionals.  For session-specific information please see Your Session.  


Somatic Massage Therapy 

Each session is a work of art. Our advanced training in each of the techniques below ensures that your session will deliver the right experience for your needs.  The comprehensive training we bring to the table—four times the national average– enables our amazing clients to transform pain into healing, find deep relaxation, and experience somatic awareness time and again as a result of our work together.   


Each client is honored and held.

Integrated Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy uses acupressure points to support emotional and energetic balance.  It recognizes the nature of physical-emotional pathways.  The points used are portals into the inner world.  By contacting these points we can open underlying emotion and support its integration. Integrated Energy therapy calls in a sense of expansion and the client is held in a container of safety and honoring.


The Work of Katie and Gay Hendricks

We use this work as a resource to support bodily awareness.  It brings attention to breath, sensation, thoughts, and beliefs.  It goes deep into the workings of the body-mind and supports finding truth within the body.


The Engaged Somatics Work of Annie Brook

This modality provides an incredible, embodied, resourced approach to somatic healing.  It works with who we are today within our bodies and also unpacks our deepest perinatal mythos.  It is beautiful, comprehensive, healing work that creates deep freedom.


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