What can I do to maximize my post-session results?


The best thing you can do is take the time and care to ensure our work really lands in your body.  This begins with coming to standing at the end of your massage and bodywork session very slowly.  Then when you are vertical, take some time to notice what has changed.  The awareness you gather here is perhaps the most important part of the work.  If you can remember this post-massage state, you can call on it in times of stress.  You can also watch what changes this relaxed state.  For example, when you return to your daily life, what brings that tension back into your shoulder?  If you can track how your body changes, you can use our work for to prevent pain and stress from returning.


Next, drink lots of water,  until your urine is clear.  Bodywork opens the tissue and releases all kinds of trapped toxins into your system.  Water gives your body the chance to move those toxins out rather than have them settle back in.  If you do just one act of self-care post session, do this!



Also good to know is that if we have done deep tissue massage work, then no heat should be applied for 24 hours.  Deep tissue massage causes mild therapeutic inflammation and we do not want to increase that with heat.  Feel free to use cold packs on worked areas, but not in excess.


Also, follow any post-session advice I give you.  Following self-massage or stretching protocols can hugely increase your results and sustained freedom from pain.  Specific recommendations for ice baths, ACE bandage use, taping, liniment application, or Epson salt baths will be tailored to your condition and will help keep the tissue clear and supported.  Also please heed any cautions/guidance I may give you about specific activities.  Weight lifting is not recommended post-session nor is any activity that increases your symptoms.


Finally, tuning into your body is the greatest way to make your results last.  The feedback your body gives you is your best guide to a pain free life.  Grow your awareness by checking in with your body once every day.  Use the awareness created in massage to develop an empowered relationship to your body and its needs.


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