How can I make the most of my session?


Great question.  Number one is please let us know what your needs are.  If the work is too deep, a stretch doesn’t feel good, or you don’t feel comfortable, please speak up.  This is key to our work succeeding.  Our promise is to do everything we can to have you leave feeling met and if we are not then we need to know.  It can be challenging at first to speak up but please do.  It’s our goal that we work together to meet your needs each moment of the session.


Other ways you can make the most of your session include asking for anything that would make the environment better for you.  This could include asking for:

  • a blanket
  • a bolster
  • a pillow
  • the table heater to be turned on
  • the face cradle position to be changed
  • the music to be turned up or down
  • anything that supports your comfort



It’s also good to know that you have permission to be a human being in a human body which means that sneezing, coughing, burping, farting are okay.  It’s not fun/relaxing if you are holding any of that in!  This also approaches the more sensitive issue of sexual arousal.  In our practice we are working with the body and the body has its responses.  No one is bad or good based on those responses, nor do we feel arousal is in any way offensive.  We do ask that the work not be unconsciously sexualized or used as sexual gratification, even in a subtle way.  That’s not what our work is about and the boundaries are clear as there is no genital contact, acts of sexuality, or full nudity.


Another way to enhance your session is to allow sound to be a part of the work.  Making sounds (versus words) can be a great way to express and clear energy in a way that keeps you out of your head.  Often clients drop in so deep that it’s nice not to come back up to the level of language.  In that case sounds can be a great way to give us feedback about your experience.  We may make some sounds too.  This can help with the process of being embodied beings versus being in the thinking mind.  It can be vulnerable to make sounds but they can add a great deal of depth, connection, and trust if you take the risk.

You also have permission to be in your emotion.  As the body opens so often tension transforms back into the emotion it came from.  There is so much to say and explain around this concept and the way the body-mind (as one continuum) maintains balance and manages stress.  If this interests you, please ask.  For now know that the sequencing of emotion through the body can create tremendous space and health in the tissue.  This can especially be true in regard to trauma and recovery.  To me all emotion, including anger, grief, joy, and fear have their place.  Each has a wisdom to share.  I trust the body and the way it reveals your truth.


You also have permission to work with us as we work.  In general terms, this means you have permission to move your body.  To give examples, you can move against our hands as we are working, you can push or pull, or you can turn onto your side if need be.  There are many ways movement can enhance a session.  Movement work has special guidelines and we will provide coaching if we work in this way.  When done safely with good communication, it can be tremendously effective to use movement to help open the body.


Finally, you have permission to have a deeply nourishing experience, and for your experience to be your own.


Have more questions about massage and bodywork?  Then please get in touch.

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