How do I integrate the emotional impact of our work?



As your body opens you may have things come up that you haven’t felt or thought about in a long time.  That is okay, and can even be expected.  The best thing to do is to allow whatever arises to gently move through your system.  Self-care such as going for a walk, taking a warm bath, dancing, sitting in the sunshine, or receiving comforting touch from those you love can help.  All of these things allow for space to be with what’s arising.  Together we are opening the body.  The body will reveal what wants to be felt, known, and connected to all of who you are.  If you feel overwhelmed by what comes up, then please create additional support.  Particularly in healing trauma or physical/sexual abuse, it is so important to have people and places in your life where you feel safe.  A trusted body-centered counselor, peer and family networks, support groups — are all important resources that can help you through this time.  Finally, keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.   We can help you find resources and we are here as an ally.


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