Sarah Reyes, LMT

With over a decade of massage therapy experience, Sarah offers a broad spectrum of bodywork ranging from relaxation massage to energy healing.  Sarah shines in her specializations of prenatal and postpartum massage, with an additional focus on womb care.  Her ability to provide a safe space for her clients, meet their needs, and assist them in bringing awareness into their bodies is what makes her sessions truly exceptional.

Sarah Reyes

When asked about her advanced trainings, Sarah said, “My participation in indigenous cultural traditions has allowed me to help guide clients to their own inner healing abilities.  Sometimes we just need a little support to get there.” 

Sarah’s wide range of experience allows her to help heal clients who may have experienced trauma to any degree, from car accidents to sports injuries, as well as miscarriages.  She holds a wealth of knowledge for self care practices and prides herself on being intuitive. Her intuition guides her knowledge of the body’s wants and needs. With a range from nurturing, gentle work to fluid, deep work, she helps clients achieve liberation from pain and discomfort

Her training allows her to provide definitive therapeutic care for people of all professions, genders, and ages, as she adapts each session specifically to her clients’ needs.  Connect with your innate healing abilities today. Book with Sarah here.