What is Phenomenal Touch Massage?

Massage like the ocean with Phenomenal TouchImagine receiving a massage that feels like resting in the ocean.  The massage therapist’s hands flow seamlessly from one area of your body to another.  Like waves, the stokes flow around your limbs embracing both sides.  The movements crest and fall, lifting your body from the table, the tension draining out as you slowly sink back down.  The pace of the motion is  your own, guided by your rhythms, your breath, heartbeat, feelings, and even thoughts.  This pace gives space for you to unwind from inside, your own relaxation response unfolding.  

The massage therapist’s hands invite the opening of tight areas while building up areas that need support and repair.  You find your sense of consciousness spreads as the tissue lets go.  You no longer feel just in your head.  You feel yourself as all of you, sensations, breath, and presence moving throughout.  Clarity springs up; decisions become clearer.  Your inner knowing becomes more accessible as you experience the information your body has been holding for you all along.  You feel held by this – and feel less alone.  Deeply honored by the movement, you feel joy in being alive.

This is what Phenomenal Touch massage works to cultivate. In key principles such as presence, reverence, and ‘be the wave,’ practitioners are taught to create something beyond standard massage — they are taught to create an experience of connection.  The 75 principles and over 100 techniques of Phenomenal Touch are just the foundation.  The practice comes from turning massage into art, an art that paints the shape of the client themselves.

Training in Phenomenal Touch is a graduate certification, meaning that therapists who achieve this level of education have already completed their foundational massage school training.  They have chosen to go further to advance their skills and their practice and become a Certified Phenomenal Touch® Massage Therapist.  To become a Master Instructor of Phenomenal Touch, as I have, requires that you complete three times the training of the average massage therapist. 


Here I am demonstrating Phenomenal Touch massage, turning massage into art.  


To learn more, please enjoy this short video demonstration of a Phenomenal Touch neck massage.  In it I show techniques as well as explain fundamental principles such as dynamic stretching and using gravity to create release.  After watching, you may even feel like you got a massage!

Choosing to receive from a Phenomenal Touch practitioner means that you have selected the most exquisite, cutting edge massage care available.  As one client exclaimed in astonishment from the massage table, “Oh my God.”  (A.B., long term receiver of Phenomenal Touch)

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Go deeper with Phenomenal Touch.  Read Phenomenal Touch Massage:  A Sacred Dance of the Heart by Jonathan Grassi