The Wisdom of Thai Yoga Massage in Lafayette, CO

The Wisdom of Thai Yoga Massage in Lafayette, CO

Written by Lucy Kay

Thai Yoga Massage is a 2000 year old holistic therapy where the human being is seen and treated as an ever-changing network of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that all influence and inform each other.

As an attentive, skilled practitioner of Thai massage who is practiced at tuning into this incredible, dynamic, flowing network of energy that organizes health in one’s body, I am excited to have the opportunity to share the wisdom of Thai Yoga Massage with you all. Beginning this practice in 2018 was a natural extension of my study and innate passion for somatic healing, movement mediation and Ayurvedic medicine.

After traveling to Thailand twice for extended studying as well as studying in Montreal at Lotus Palm, I have found a feeling of home in this tradition. Rooted in the spirit of Metta or loving-kindness, Thai Yoga Massage invites a space for deep listening and heart centered presence, two invaluable healing qualities of life I feel a joyful calling to foster in my practice. Let me share a bit more detail about this modality that will illuminate what you can expect from a session and some of its many benefits.

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

The central aim of Thai Yoga Massage is to restore and balance the body’s energy system which comprises a multitude of energy lines that run through the body called meridians. These meridians are a part of many Eastern healing traditions. In Thai they are called Sip Sen, or the ten Sen.

The vital life force that is called Prana in Sanskrit, Chi in Chinese, travels through these meridian lines supplying the body with the essential energy necessary to carry one in life with ease and allow healthy functioning. You can think of the healthy flow of the meridians as the body’s clean electrical circuitry.

Because life happens and we all experience emotional upset and physical push back that can cause our bodies to stall out, we need to know when it’s time to ask for help creating coherent energy flow again. 

It is the focus of my practice to find the trapped energy and blocked pathways in your body and work with you to help return them to health.

Thai Yoga massage offers an amazing multitude of techniques and adjustments that can support the needed release of these blockages and bring the body back to its natural equilibrium of balance and wellbeing.

How does a session look and what are some of its benefits?

Each Thai Yoga Massage session incorporates a combination of stretching, compression, gentle rocking and twisting, acupressure, and energy healing. As traditionally practiced, 2- hour sessions are given on a mat on the floor with the client dressed in comfortable, elastic or loose-fitting clothing.

This style of bodywork assists the client in passive three-dimensional, therapeutic stretching and mobility techniques that are coordinated to release blockages and harmonize the energetic channels of the body, recalibrate the nervous system, relieve muscular tension, enhance circulation, and improve range of motion. Important therapeutic benefits can be experienced to long term problems and conditions such as headaches, back pain, joint pain, insomnia, and other related stress conditions.


With each session, I work to create a customized experience informed by the therapeutic goals of my clients as well as my intuitive sense of what will most help the body.

As a practitioner, supporting the individual to re-engage in a felt sense of flow and connectedness is my main goal and I find Thai Yoga Massage to be a powerful gateway to healing.

I look forward to meeting you and offering the wisdom of Thai Yoga Massage for your total wellbeing.

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