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Bodywork for Liberation Intellectual Property Agreement

Upon taking this course in Bodywork for Liberation Foundations I understand and agree to the following: The principles and teachings of Bodywork for Liberation (BFL) are the intellectual property of Jonathan Grassi and Bodywork for Liberation, and are trademarked and copyrighted as such. At no time may I claim this work as my own. The information and techniques taught within this class, both verbally and non-verbally, and presented in the form of the Bodywork for Liberation manual, teaching videos, course materials, videos and photographs taken during class time are to be used solely for my own study and for the services I provide in my practice, and are not to be taught, shared or reproduced in any way (including demos, personal presentations or free “classes”).  If I am a therapist who works for a spa or clinic, I am not in any way allowed to teach any portion of the class content to other therapists working at it or at any other spa/clinic who did not attend the training. Videos and photos taken by myself of the course content, demos, or presentation may only be shared with other students currently enrolled in the training.  Personal videos made for use in social media networks must NOT include the teaching of any Bodywork for Liberation principles or content.   These video clips must also be pre-approved by BFL (before using), be made for the sole purpose of promoting your own practice, and be limited in scope, content and duration by the standards set forth by Bodywork for Liberation.   I agree to honor and respect the lineage of the authentic and original teachings of Jonathan Grassi and all that is taught in Bodywork for Liberation.  I understand that there are procedures set forth for the proper training involved in educating others in the knowledge of the above stated modalities and I agree not to share or teach these concepts and techniques unless and until I have followed and completed all training criteria set down by Bodywork for Liberation to become an Instructor for BFL.    I understand it is illegal to instruct or share any portion of these modalities, whether it is done for free or involves payment, in person or on video or through any social medium (i.e., YouTube, etc.) and that to do so will be grounds for voiding my Certificate and removing my right to practice what I learn in this class, and will restrict me from further studies with BFL and make me liable for any legal action against me for violation of copyrighted material and trademark infringement.