MacKenzie Carter, LMT, Certified Rolfer

Rolfing in Lafayette, CO
MacKenzie Carter, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Rolfer

As a child I was fascinated by natural remedies. My grandmother was a healer. I knew I wanted to pursue a career focusing on the human body and its inner workings and connections, so I decided to become a massage therapist. After graduating from the Steiner Institute in Texas, I wanted training in Structural Integration, so I attended the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, becoming a Certified Rolfer.

As a practicing massage therapist, I bring my Rolfing training to the table—Rolfing informs my massage practice, helping me to offer excellent bodywork. In addition to working with the muscles, I also work with fascia, which is effective and relaxing for my clients.

My clients enjoy the deep tissue work I offer. They also appreciate my understanding of gravity—how changing the body’s relationship to gravity is key to freeing the body from chronic pain.  Our bodies are incredible in how they adopt shapes in response to emotions  and feelings, holding patterns and unconscious tensions. Through finding and addressing gravity and unconscious mindsets in the body we can free the tissues to act in a less efforted way. This is especially helpful to aid the performance of athletes—and enhances the lives of everyone I work with.

In addition to my clinical skills and the effective outcomes they bring, clients say that I’m caring and a good listener. I love working as a massage therapist. It’s the perfect profession for me. When I’m not working, you’ll find me skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. And recently I started rock climbing. The strength I have as an athlete helps me when clients are on my massage table. 

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